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What is Patients’ Voice?

Patients’ Voice (PV) is the name given to the Patient Participation Group (PPG) at Hall Grove Group Practice. It has been set up to champion patients and work with Practice staff to improve the primary health services offered. This is done by: keeping members up to speed with what’s happening at the Practice; challenging current processes; initiating improvements for patient health; and supporting Practice initiatives.

Patients’ Voice membership is free and is open to all patients, healthprofessionals and carers of patients of Hall Grove Group Practice (anyone who attends either Hall Grove or Parkway Surgeries) in Welwyn Garden City.

Patients’ Voice has recently been working on:

  • Supporting the Practice to get more people vaccinated against Covid-19
  • Getting the Practice involved with ‘Cancel Out Cancer’ campaign
  • Ensuring patients have information on transport between health venues
  • Signposting to additional information to support patients’ health
  • Surveying members to find out how patients feel the Practice is coping during the pandemic

If you would like to find out what’s going on, have your say or get involved please join the Patients’ Voice community by clicking on the ‘Join the Patients Voice Community’ button.


What’s going on? Have your say. Get involved

You can get involved with Patients’ Voice (PV) at whatever level you wish: simply read our regular newsletter or take on a more active role. All involvement is on a voluntary basis and in joining you will be making a positive contribution to patient services at the Practice.

In becoming a PV member, you willreceive regular newsletters to find out what is happening:

  • latest on Patients’ Voice projects, updates from the Practice, local health initiatives and availability of self-help programs
  • be able to contribute your views via surveys on different aspects of the Practice’s services
  • be encouraged to highlight any aspects of healthcare that you feel needs improving care provision closest to your heart
  • have the opportunity to support or lead a project on an aspect of health 
  • help improve the services provided by the Practice

The community is currently looking to expand its membership to better represent all patients. It particularly encourages those who are frequent users of the services provided by the Practice to become a member. Also, it welcomes people who have different business skills or who are involved with any aspect of healthcare.

Becoming a member of Patients’ Voice (PV) is easy, click on the ‘Join the Patients Voice Community’ button.

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Please note:
Patents’ Voice is an independent group of patients and carers at Hall Grove Group Practice.  We do not deal with personal health issues or complaints. These  must go through the Practice in the normal way.